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It all started with a simple idea. Heather was falling asleep to her iPod Nano. She would hold it in her hand.. 

I went to buy a stand for her but everything at the time was made of wood, metal, or plastic. These stands were hard or had sharp edges.

I was looking for something soft and durable. A stand that could be used for multiple devices since I had a iPhone. So I modified a foam beer can cooler with a pair of scissors. The first Podprop was born..

She absolutely loved it and showed people. Next thing I knew I was making dozens of them for friends and family. 
A few short years later and we're selling thousands of stands each month. We now have several designs that work great for iPods, phones, tablets and eReaders.

We hope you like them as much as we do. If not, we offer a full money back guarantee. Simply send a message and we'll issue a full refund. 

Ken & Heather